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“Celebrate the New Year, Establish the New Spirit” 

Jinggong Mould 2017-2018 New Year Match

In order to further enrich the corporate culture to create a healthy and civilized, positive and progressive working atmosphere, promote and cultivate the collective spirit of unity and teamwork among the personnel and encourage physical exercise to strengthen their physiques. On January 2, 2018, Jinggong Mould held a 2017-2018 New Year Match with the topic of "Celebrate the New Year, Establish the New Spirit". 



The first match is a special race, the participants lined up and with one’s left leg tied with another one’s right leg. After the beginning, they rushed to the final line as quickly as possible, shoulder to shoulder and arm in arm. Some accidents occurred during the race, the ropes tied on the legs were loose and someone fell down, but the participants were not discouraged and stopped, they fastened again and stood up quickly and proceeded till the final line. All of them realized the importance of cooperation in the activities, cooperated with each other, tried their best to win the match. In addition, the company leaders and colleagues who didn’t join in the match cheered for the team members, showing a happy and harmonious atmosphere. 

The other match was rope skipping, two members of a team held the rope and waved and other members skipped one by one. The time limit was three minutes, the participants shown their ability to skip quickly and smoothly. The match was exciting and full of loud cheers and happy laughter.



In the end, the teams from the turning processing (large size) and the technology center were respectively won the first place in the matches of legs-tied race and rope skipping. 

The company leaders awarded the honor certificates to the teams of 1st to 3rd places and the prizes to the members. The prizes were offered by Jiangsu Bobolego Network Technology Co., Ltd. Daliy-Use glass products you can refer to the Bobolego Mall ( Friendship First, Match Second! Through the activity, the company staff were further aware of the spirit of team honor, unity and cooperation, it would have an active effect in their future work as well.

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