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The Launching Conference of the Informatization and Industrialization Integration Management System of Jinggong Mould

As the commanding height of global economic competition, manufacturing industry has been highly valued by all countries. The goal of "Made in China 2025" is to promote the transformation of China from a big manufacturing country to a powerful manufacturing one and innovation is the core driver. With the deep integration of the new generation of information technology and manufacturing industry, the manufacturing methods, enterprise organizations and product modes will undergo tremendous changes.

In response to the country's call, Changshu Jinggong Mould Manufacturing Co., Ltd. actively prepared, applied and passed the evaluation of experts, and became one of the pilot enterprises of Jiangsu province's informatization and industrialization integration management system. On 2018, the launching conference of the integration management system was officially held, marking that Jinggong Mould promotes the in-depth integration of informatization and industrialization, comprehensively improves the management level and management efficiency of the enterprise, creates and upgrades new capabilities and provides support for the realization of enterprise development strategy.

At present, Jinggong Mould's informatization has been basically integrated with industrialization and information technology has promoted the healthy and rapid development of the company. The information tools such as ERP system, MES system, UG design system, order progress information cloud system and E-commerce B2B China glass mould network etc. have been integrated into the various departments and links of the company. Combining modern electronic information technology with the technologies of products R&D, enterprise management and industrial manufacturing, it has changed and improved the various parts such as enterprise independent products R&D, manufacturing, enterprise management and e-commerce use, so as to achieve the informatizations of manufacturing, products R&D, enterprise e-commerce and management, and drive innovation in enterprise technology, products and management, and comprehensively enhance the core market competitiveness of the company.

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