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On May 18th, under the leadership of the e-commerce park party branch, Zhongchuang Mofang’s the 65th edition of series activity of “Visit the Entrepreneurs Around Us” and Mofang Sharing Conference was held in Changshu Jinggong Mould Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and shared with the Jinggong’s general manager Zhao Lanying on the topic of "how to create an industry platform and lead the development of the industry."

Changshu Jinggong Mould Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Zhao Lanying: World’s Glass Mould, Made in China

Influenced and inspired by the spirit of her parents, in 2003, she took over the responsibility of the company's development and became the second generation of the management. As the president company of the Shajiabang Glass Mould Industry, she said that through the development of the companies, the development of the industry will be assisted. As a new woman in the new era, she should wholeheartedly strive to create a new era of China glass mould industry.


Visiting the plant of Changshu Jinggong Mould

Ms. Zhao introduced that the factory adopted the assembly line and the regionalized operation mode, each working area must go through the “first inspection-self-testing” process, and the team shared responsibility for the job. The team strictly controlled the quality of production, not only promoting the fair management, but also improving the team's work efficiency.

★02 Visiting the Shajiabang Glass Mould Innovation Platform

Then, led by Ms. Zhao, the entrepreneurs of Zhongchuang Mofang visited the Shajiabang glass mould innovation platform. Through the introduction, the entrepreneurs learned about the purpose of the establishment of the innovation platform, and also learned about the four parts of platform, the glass mould exhibition hall, the product testing center, the China glass mould network and the technology R&D and skills training base.

★03 Exchanging the experience and the concept of the company management in the meeting room

Finally, Ms. Zhao and entrepreneurs came to the meeting room to share and exchange ideas on how to create an industry platform and lead the industry development.

Ms. Zhao said that as a second generation of Jinggong Mould, she gradually loved the industry after she came into the industry. Entrepreneurship requires persistence and accumulation

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