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Jinggong Mould signed an agreement with Automotive Engineering School, Changshu Institute of Technology on the university – industry cooperation and the establishment of the cooperation base


Smart manufacturing is the main direction of Made in China 2025 and a major trend in the manufacturing industry in the future. It is a key step in adapting to the new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation and pushing the industry toward the mid-and-high level. With the theme of promoting innovation and development in the manufacturing sector, focusing on the enhancement of quality and efficiency, and the integration of the new generation of information technology and manufacturing industry, the enterprise shall improve the multi-level and multi-type technical and skill training system, and build a team of manufacturing personnel with excellent quality and reasonable structure, take the talent-oriented development path.


Therefore, on December 21, 2017, Changshu Jinggong Mould Manufacturing Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement with the Automotive Engineering School, Changshu Institute of Technology and set up a university - industry cooperation base in Shajiabang Glass Mould Innovation Platform. The two parties will cooperate in such fields as intelligence, automation, software and materials research and development, carry out training to the innovative talents on innovation platform so as to meet the needs of the industry, and take practical steps in line with the 2025 Program for Smart Manufacturing.


Shen Zonggen, the deputy secretary of Changshu Institute of Technology and other related leaders visited the innovation platform for signing and licensing.

Jinggong Mould general manager Zhao Lanying signed the university – industry cooperation agreement with Automotive Engineering School, Changshu Institute of Technology

Shen Zonggen, the deputy dean of Changshu Institute of Technology, was licensing to the university – industry cooperation base

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