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Municipal Leaders Investigated and Commended the Glass Mould Innovation Platform


On the 6th of October, the deputy mayor of Changshu City Xu Haidong, the secretary of the party committee of Shajiabang Town Ji Hengyi, and many other government officers visited Changshu Jinggong Mould Manufacture Co., LTD on the purpose of investigating the glass mould innovation platform project. After listening to the report from general manager Zhao Lanying, deputy mayor Xu commended the glass mould innovation platform and valued the importance of the platform. Deputy mayor Xu believed that glass mould innovation platform could contribute to the development of glass mould industry in Shajiabang and provide technique assistance to over 100 glass mould industry members. The platform might also help to expand the market for glass mould companies in Shajiabang.


The glass mould innovation platform covers four main parts, including glass mould testing center, glass mould technology development and training base, glass mould technology exhibition hall and Internet plus China glass mould website.


The deputy mayor Xu and the secretary Ji hope Jinggong to accelerate the combination of four parts on the platform and leading the improvement of services in this industry. In this way, Jinggong can contribute more for Shajiabang to become the center of Chinese glass mould and the global glass mould purchasing base.

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